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Tanyard Parish Wilmington

Why Wilmington Sells Itself

"The Port City named No. 2 in the nation for job creation and retention"

For the last forty years, suburban sprawl has expanded like wildfire across much of America. And for many of us, the acquisition of a big house on an acre with a two-car garage was the benchmark of success. Today, however, many have grown weary of the rigors of the daily commute and the proliferation of strip malls and fast-food joints. Many have realized that perhaps there is another style of living. And therefore, the trend toward living in a walkable dense mixed-use environment is on the upswing.

Cape Fear Boardwalk

The Port City

It's about quality of life people say, time spent with friends and not on the roadways. It's about choosing to take some classes, or choosing to explore a new hobby instead of mowing a big yard every Saturday afternoon. It's about casting off convention and embracing a new aesthetic.

Downtown Wilmington is experiencing this trend in a big way, and for good reason. A temperate climate, a bustling Riverwalk, a growing number of shops, boutiques, art galleries, and exceptional cuisine are luring those in search of something different.

But don't take it from us. Meet some "real downtowners" and hear what they say makes living in downtown Wilmington particularly special.

Real Downtown People

John and Emily Parker

"We have lived downtown for 15 years now, and 5 years ago moved our offices to Chandler's Wharf, two blocks down the street from our house. Now that is a commute we can handle! We both love being able to walk to work, usually with our dogs, as well as to the great restaurants downtown offers. Sunsets with a glass of wine on the Riverwalk are unbeatable, and exercising ourselves and the dogs on the Riverwalk and through the neighborhood is a delight. Our amazing Farmer's Market is a most important part of our downtown lifestyle."

John is a local architect doing business as John P. Parker Architecture, Inc. and Emily is a jewelry designer and manufacturer.

John Emily Parker

 William Jeanne Poole

William E. and Jeanne Poole

"One of our favorite things about downtown is its sense of place. Wilmington has preserved the small town feel, but is full of interesting people from all sorts of places. We love having the ability to walk to our favorite restaurants and have enjoyed many a firework display from our front porch."

William is an interior designer and owner of William Poole Design.

Elizabeth Darrow

"I've lived downtown since 1.8.12 and seen so many changes over the years. We have a wonderful sense of community here. I love the easy walk to the river, to restaurants and shops. And I'm glad for the vibrant arts scene as well where galleries and theatre opportunities abound. I wouldn't trade downtown living for anything."

Elizabeth is a local artist in Wilmington, NC.

Elizabeth Darrow

Alan Solana Carol Pettaway

Alan Solana and Carol Pettaway

"I have worked downtown for fifteen years and really enjoy the riverfront and historic district. Eventually I found a property that allowed me to live above my office. I love the commute and fabulous nightlife, I would not want to live anywhere else in the city."

Alan Solana (local attorney) and Carol Pettaway.