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Tanyard Parish Wilmington

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Historic Downtown Wilmington

5041 New Centre Dr. Ste. 124
Wilmington, North Carolina 28403
Office: (910) 251-0615
Port City Properties

Welcome to Port City Properties

In 1995, a group of five realtors from several different firms got together because of a couple of fundamental shared beliefs. One was that the real estate brokerage industry was being swallowed up by large franchised corporations that came to the business of real estate sales focused on "sales tactics" and corporate routines or sales pitches. The other was that this "slick talk" was compromising the integrity, the image and the professionalism of the industry.

At Port City Properties, we believe that our focus should not be on honing our "sales pitches", rather the focus should be on truly learning the market, understanding the complexities of real estate transactions, and impressing the public with our knowledge, our integrity, and our enthusiasm. Our team of agents really understand the market and most of them own many pieces of real estate. They know that investing in real estate has proven to be the best and most reliable method of building personal wealth over time.

So can a firm resist the corporate takeovers, can it focus on quality of service, can it remain true to its original philosophy and provide stellar service for its clients and afford quality of life for its agents? You bet! Port City Properties is downtown Wilmington's oldest real estate firm for a reason... give one of our agents a call today and you'll feel the difference.

Wilmington Office

"Real Estate investing is a time tested vehicle for personal financial growth. There is no better place in my opinion than downtown Wilmington and the surrounding areas to put this vehicle to work for you. As a seasoned investor myself, I can guide you through the process and give you the benefit of my years of experience. I look forward to that opportunity."

Sam Simmons

Cell: (910) 264-3610
Office: (910) 251-0615

Sam Simmons CoOwner
Vickie Adox

Vickie Adox

Phone - (910) 670-0305

"A native of Fayetteville, North Carolina; I moved to Wilmington in 2008 with my husband to be closer to my children that were attending UNCW. I love the opportunity to help families with their home buying needs as well as being their friend. I want my customers to know that I do care, and they can count on me to give my best. Helping others is what job satisfaction is all about."

we're at home downtown
Port City Properties (910) 251-0615