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Tanyard Parish Wilmington

Welcome to Port City Properties

Port City Properties is the oldest real estate brokerage firm in downtown Wilmington. Long before it became fashionable, our agents were in the trenches...buying, selling, renovating and coaxing investors into Wilmington's Historic District. That was no small undertaking back in the day, but those investments proved to be solid ones and now, the public has discovered what we knew all along. When you combine over 200 blocks of historic architecture, a magnificent and dynamic riverfront, a temperate climate, and white sandy beaches just a few miles east... you have a recipe for one of this country's most desireable urban environments. Wilmington consistently ranks among America's favorite cities; not only for a visit, but for making a home.

So whether you are in the market for a downtown flat, a gracious historic home or a lakefront getaway, we want to hear from you. At Port City Properties, we're at home downtown, but we know our way around the block in all areas of Wilmington, North Carolina!

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